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Song of the White Cockatoo’

'Song of the White Cockatoo’

A Community language forum hosted by VACL 3rd March 2023 9.30am-5:00pm Docklands Library Online link | Online as a group at our regional forum spaces

Song of the White Cockatoo is a calling for the re-awakening of our languages; a calling to our Mobs, to gather, to talk about and to talk our languages; our Mother Tongue: to share; to inspire; to be inspired; to hear from each other about our dreams; aspirations and issues.

In this, the UNESCO INTERNATIONAL DECADE OF INDIGENOUS LANGUAGES 2022-2032 it is TIME! TIME to rise up, loud and strong, to give voice to the significance and importance of our Languages! We must bring a collective vision and plan, to be driven forward through VACL, to ensure the continuation of our languages for the generations to come... the revitalisation and regeneration of our languages to be living in our families, communities; in our everyday lives our legacy must be the security and flourishing of our Languages.

To send an expression of interest, email

For further information contact: Rosales Martinez CEO 0407766 638

Vicki Couzens Chairperson 0418294762

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