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Pride Month

June is Pride Month!

Here at Gunditjmara, we welcome everyone.

Aa a service provider, we pledge to:

- Establish and maintain relationships with LGBTIQ+ communities and services.

- Ensure all staff receive LGBTIQ+ inclusive practice training.

- Protect LGBTIQ+ staff and service users from discrimination, including by promoting a culture of respect and inclusion, and embedding formal structures that promote the reporting of instances of discrimination.

- Ensure systems of care are safe and culturally appropriate for LGBTIQ+ people, including by establishing and maintaining referral arrangements with LGBTIQ+ services, and evaluation processes that ensure the cultural needs of LGBTIQ+ people are addressed when referrals and service needs are being considered.

- Improve organisational understanding of intersectionality to address different modes of discrimination and privilege, including but not limited to the intersections of people who are both LGBTIQ+ and Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander.

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