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Meet our Trainees!

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Recently, we've had a few new trainees start at head office in Kepler Street. So, we thought we'd introduce them to you and let you know a little bit about them!

Pattica-Anne Agnew : "Ngata All, My name is Pattica-Anne Agnew, but a lot of the community will know me as Tissa. I’m 37 years old, and have a 13-year-old boy, Phoenix. I’m a proud Gunditjmara woman with family ties to both the Framlingham and Lake Condah Missions. I am enjoying my time so far here at Gunditjmara, and happy to be back around, and working for/with, my mob."

Aliza Johnson : "My names Aliza, I'm a Wajarri woman originally from western Australia, but currently living on Gunditjmara Country, I'm a passionate Indigenous Artist who loves to paint and do make up! I spend most of my free time doing make up/painting now I'm a New HR Trainee at Gunditjmara Aboriginal Cooperative and Loving it!"

Sidney Davies : "Ngatta, I'm Sidney! Though I have lived in Warrnambool my whole life, my tribe is Yorta Yorta up at the Murray River. I like to be creative in my own time by making art, videos and decorating my home. I love Kmart and could spend hours in there spending money. I'm always up for a yarn so feel free to stop me for a chat."

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