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Media Release - 21st May 2024

Date of issue: 21st May 2024


Gunditjmara Aboriginal Cooperative Announces Strategic Acquisition of the Lyndoch Primary Health Centre

Warrnambool, Victoria — 21st May 2024 — The Gunditjmara Aboriginal Cooperative is excited and proud to announce the strategic acquisition of the Lyndoch Primary Health Centre, marking a historic milestone in the evolution of our organisation.


Strategic, Future-Proofed Facility Ready for Immediate Expansion of Services

Gunditjmara strategically shifted from the initial plan to retrofit and revamp the older building at Kepler Street after weighing the two options side by side, in a process that was informed and agreed upon by Gunditjmara members. The decision to move forward with the Lyndoch Primary Health Centre emerged as far superior. "The decision to purchase the Lyndoch Primary Health Centre came just at the right moment, presenting an ideal alternative when opportunity knocked. We jumped at it," stated Danny Chatfield, CEO of Gunditjmara. This brand new, state-of-the-art facility, encompassing 3,973 square meters and situated on a significant landholding of 6,491 square meters, perfectly aligns with our vision to consolidate and enhance healthcare provision in a single, ready-to-operate location and caters for the anticipated growth of our organisation for the next 25 years.  Focusing our efforts on the Kepler Street project would have encountered formidable challenges, particularly the increased costs of materials and labour in the market due to inflation. These financial pressures would have been further intensified by industry-wide cost escalations and the impact of global geopolitical events on supply chains, significantly raising project costs at the Kepler Street site.


Idyllic Tranquil Location

"The facility, situated beside the significant Hopkins River—a site of profound cultural importance to the Maar society—came as a perfect fit. This idyllic and tranquil setting naturally aligns with Gunditjmara’s holistic approach to health and social care, which encompasses a full spectrum of services from birth to elderhood. Undoubtedly, it will enhance both the physical and cultural well-being of our community members, visitors, and staff," further commented Danny Chatfield.


Looking Forward to Our Official Opening!

As we prepare for the official opening, we are filled with anticipation to share this milestone with those who have supported us and to embark on this new chapter of providing comprehensive care underpinned by our commitment to cultural integrity and community wellness. An official opening will take place shortly after we are settled in and up and running, allowing us to celebrate this significant achievement alongside our community, members, friends, and partners.

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