Meet the Board

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Board Chairperson

Locky Eccles

“I have been involved

with the co-op since the

beginning. As an Elder of

the community I strive to

ensure that all our members

are enabled to be happy,

healthy and safe.”


Board Member

Joey Chatfield

"To have a strong voice

for community and selfdetermination."

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Board Member

Lee Morgan

“I am part of, and give my

time to, the Gunditjmara

Board as I’m a very proud

community member and

have a long standing

connection through my

mother Bernice Clarke."

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Board Member

Shane Bell

“My reason to be involved

with the board is to be an

advocate in the conversations

and aspirations the

community have towards selfdetermination.”

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Board Member

Brian Davis

“As an experienced Board

member of other NFP

organisations and as a

member of Gunditjmara

since its beginning I felt I

had a lot to contribute to the


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