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February Community Dinner - Tuesday 13th

Wondering what is 'ACAC'?

Gives full power (secretary power) to Gunditjmara of Aboriginal children on a protection order.

This means Aboriginal Children on orders (listed below) can be managed by Gunditjmara without Child Protection

What does this mean?

Gunditjmara would make all the decisions for children on orders with the guidance of the family.

Gunditjmara would become the secretary and Child Protection are no longer involved in these families.

Protection Orders

•Family Preservation Order

•Family Reunification Order

•Care by Secretary Order

•Long-Term Care Order

To learn more, you can RSVP below for our community dinner next Tuesday 13th of February. Please arrive by 5pm to attend the talk.

You can also contact Belinda Payne on 0432414359 or call reception on 559 1234

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