We are committed to building a strong healthy community for our people. We offer holistic services that support healthy lifestyles, connection to culture and place.

At Gunditjmara Aboriginal Cooperative Ltd, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing the issues. We understand through cooperation and community empowerment we believe we can facilitate progress and growth for our people. We are always striving to make a difference, and invite you to learn more and be part of the community.

Our team works with you, offering support and programs designed for you as an individual, and your family members. Our aim is to ensure a safe, culturally strong connection to your Aboriginal community. We provide support and encourage the reduction of drug & alcohol usage. We act on your behalf and can refer you to further specialist in alcohol and other drug-related treatment. We can offer you a range of prevention, early intervention, and counseling programs, rehabilitation treatment, care coordination and ongoing support.

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Cultural Safety Advisor

Tackling the Issues

As an Aboriginal Controlled Community Health Organisation we have been entrusted with the role of consulting with local health care services to ensure that their day to day work takes into consideration your cultural needs as part of an Aboriginal community. A key focus for the role is to help ensure that local health services are culturally appropriate for you, you have easy access to them and you are offered choices as an Aboriginal person.

Alcohol & Other Drugs Related Services

Making A Difference

Our team works together with the local Aboriginal community to strengthen individuals and families to ensure a safe and culturally strong community. We assist with advocacy and to build your individual resilience in self-managing your future. We provide support and encourage a reduction in drug and alcohol use. We act on your behalf and can refer you to other specialist services if required.  We offer a range of prevention, early intervention, and counseling programs including brief intervention, referral to appropriate services, including withdrawal and rehabilitation treatment, care coordination and ongoing support.

Youth and Adult  Social & Emotional Wellbeing

Doing What Is Needed

The program provides holistic support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people that are experiencing physical, social, emotional, cultural and mental health challenges. Our specialised, friendly workers are here to ensure you feel encouraged, empowered and supported. Our programs are designed for adults and youth aged 12-24 years and 18+ years. We have both male and female workers to support both men and women. Our program helps you identify your strengths, identify your worries and begin to set goals that can achieve positive changes in your life.

Female Family Violence Support

Supporting Women

We can provide you with case management, advocacy and support as an Aboriginal woman and for your children. We offer services throughout the South West Region for those who have or are currently experiencing family violence. We can help you by assisting you to make informed choices regarding the safety of yourself and your children. We can assist you in providing information and link you in with other services that can help where needed. We hope to raise community awareness regarding the negative impact of family violence within the community and we actively explore ways we can work towards reducing future incidents.

Justice Worker Program

Tackling The Issues

We are committed to improving outcomes for local Aboriginal people who are involved with the local justice system. The Justice Worker is here to assist the local Aboriginal community with a culturally appropriate, respectful, and fully confidential justice support service. If you need to have a yarn with someone about Community Corrections orders, fines and warrants, or if you just have questions about the criminal justice system then the Justice Worker is here to help.

Warrumyea Womens Group

Bring People Together

This is a social group hosted by the Gunditjmara Women’s Family Violence team for Aboriginal women in Warrnambool and the surrounding areas.  The group provides a friendly, supportive environment for you as an Aboriginal woman, enabling you to come together with others, share and engage in positive cultural, social and healing activities that embrace the tradition of Women’s Business. The group runs every fortnight and enjoys a variety of activities. In the past year, we have had many great outings such as trips to Tower Hill, Port Fairy, a private tour on Lake Condah Mission and trips to Tyrendarra. As well as this, conversations about our community and our local Aboriginal heritage have been ongoing. Women share their ideas, have a yarn, and support one another by coming together in the traditional way that has been the basis of Aboriginal women's culture for centuries.

Mens Group

Creating Spaces For People

Discussions are underway to make plans for a Men’s Group. More information regarding the Men’s group activities and meeting times will be updated as available here on the website.

Aboriginal Tenancy At Risk

Doing What Is Needed

This program was introduced to support you as an Aboriginal person to maintain your housing and help you work through problems that may place your tenancy at risk. Our supportive and friendly workers can help you in many areas including; if you're having trouble paying your rent, having disagreements with neighbors, or advocating on your behalf in relation to issues relating to maintenance or any other housing-related matter. Contact us today if you live in the South-West Region and discover how we can help you.


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